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Lines Tutorial

Lines Tutorial Photoshop CS
Beginner/ Intermediate

Please Credit Me at simply_a_melody OR silencethecity

1. Open your image and do whatever colouring/techniques to it that you want


2. Now select the brush tool on the toolbar

Then select the smallest size/shape brush


At this point, choose the colour you want for the lines as your foreground colour.

4. Now select the freeform pen tool from the toolbar

5. Add a new layer.  Now, it is easier for you to get better curves or edges if you zoom into your icon/picture, for me i zoomed in 500%. Now take the pen tool and draw around the figure and a dark grayish line should appear like this:

6. When you are done drawing the line, right click your mouse and choose "stroke path". a screen should pop up and make sure the tool is set to "brush".  Now right click the line again and press "delete path".

Tada! Now you should produce something like the above!  And adding another line gets me this:

This way is a lot better than free handing it with a pen brush because it produces a smoother line! Hope you enjoy the tutorial and i would love to see what you guys made!

Other examples:

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Thank you so much for this! :D Memed!
Oh thank you so much for posting this! I've been wondering how to do this for awhile. :D.

Wow, this was so helpful. Thanks so much!
fun! i usually hate the pen tool...
Going on the memories!
Thanks alot! I'm going to use this right away :)
Oh, I seem to have a bit of a problem, every time I use the pen tool and draw around the person, the entire thing is white & it won't allow me to choose "stroke path".. any suggestions? Here is a picture of what I am talking about.


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8 years ago

Thanks for posting this! I've never actually experimented with the pen tool without just getting filled in shapes!!!

Memming :D
yea it's amazing how much you can do with one tool :D
Well, that's a cool trick. Thanks for putting this together ^_^
thanks so much!never use the pen tool that much now i can ^^
Great! I haven't played around much with the pen tool... But now I know what I'll do with it. ;P This goes into mems. =)
I've always loved this technique, and now I know how to do it. Cookies for you!
thanks for this!^^

thanks a lot!
Thank you very much for this tut! :D
Thanks, this is very handy :)
Memming ♥
Ah thank you !!
so useful <3
i get dots :s instea of lines..
Saving to memories, thank you much :)
awesoooome! What I got:
oh that's gorgeous! awesome job! :D
Thank you for this tut!! i've been trying to figure out how to draw lines like that, so useful! :D
My line just looks very pixelated and stuff. Anyway to fix it?
hmm... i once had it all pixelated but that was because i forgot to choose i didn't choose the brush setting, and it was on pencil. umm, i'll suggest that you check that you chose the smallest brush instead of a pencil.

i hope that helps!


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It looks lovely, but do you know how to achieve this in PSP?
i posted this tutorial at another community and ordinary_dream suggested this:

"I do my lines a couple different ways. You can grab the brush tool, and set it to the smallest size (1), Hardness 100, and then do squiggly from there.

You can also still use the pen tool, but it just takes practice. You wanna make sure that you're doing freeform/freehand (the squiggly option, without all the points I think. If you hover over the third one (again, psp9 only has three), it should say "draw freehand"). I keep the tracking at 10. And like she said, zooming in helps. You wanna do it all in a quick motion. You want to have a color set for your foreground (the topmost one) and your background set to transparent (bottom on, clickon the third little square with a circle and a line through it). Another note? ctrl+Z is your bff. Seriously, whenever I'm doing anything with the pen tool, one hand is on the mouse and the other is hovering over the ctrl key and z. lol.

hope that helps!
Very nice and easy tut going to try it later
thanks a lot!
oh how awesome! im going to credit you in my resources post at over__indulged because i am going to be using this alot!
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