Ashley (xsimplyxashleyx) wrote in silencethecity,


I just realized that I deleted most of my icon posts in this community... I think they're the more recent ones :/
You see, I was trying to clear off icon posts in my personal journal and totally forgot that some linked to this community and so now they're gone :[

Luckily I post them in another community too! But you have to join it to see my icons as well as others'. It's a great community, you'll love it! So please join! anewyorkday
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someone has uploaded your icons in her photobucket¤t=dannyanddougieareheart.png

i saw some of mine, but they were the sucky ones, so ill let it go ;x
thanks for the heads up :]
but most of the icons are simply_a_melody's
and i think as long as the person doesnt post them and claim them as their own, it should be fine.