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Tutorial #3 - Bright Coloring

Tutorial #3 - Bright Coloring
Using Photoshop CS, I don't know if it's translatable
This might not be newbie friendly...

 to this

-- Please credit  xsimplyxashleyx  OR  silencethecity+ I'm using PS CS and I'm not sure if this is translatable or not. You could experiment with it and use curves.

Open up your image and crop/resize however you'd like.

Duplicate your base icon and set it to Screen100%
* This may not be needed if your icon is already light. In my case I did need it.

Add a light blue color layer (#B8E3FF) and set it to Color Burn 100%.

Go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer>Hue/ Saturation
and put saturation: +40
* mess around with this one

Go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer>Selective Color
CYANS:  +100    0     0    +100 
NEUTRALS: +43  0  +27  0

Go to  Layers>New Adjustment Layers> Brightness/Contrast:
Brightness: +12
Contrast: +8

You're done :D You just went from this
 to this 

Other icons made by the same tutorial:

--More of my work at my icon community simply_iconz and my shared icon journal silencethecity
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